Why Wear Shqipez?

Who we are?

SHQIPEZ is an online clothing store est. 2016 with a clear vision to connect people all over the world, letting them know that they should be proud of who they are/as they are.


The Meaning of "Shqipez"

The meaning/origin of the word "Shqipez" is from the albanian word "shqipe".

Albanians had & still have the tradition to call after someone they don't know their name of yet, by saying "shqipe", with that you are already identifying him with a (nice greeting) and letting him know you are in a some way (related to each other), the meaning of the word can also be "sorry for not knowing your name yet"

Why Wear Shqipez?

People nowadays are very conscious about what type of clothing they should wear.

Wearing a specific clothing can easily describe/judge who you are as a person and what you stand up for.

Clothes you wear can have downturns but also upturns, choosing the right clothes can help you connect with the right people and join a community that makes you feel being at home.

As we all know did Kosovo and all its Albanian citizens have a rough time during 1996 - 1999 (Kosovo war). Since that time do Albanians have a strong desire to rise up from all oppression they are/will witness during their normal daily lives. They do it for example by show off their pride with Albanian eagle necklaces, Albanian eagle t-shirts and for that term also with our Albanian UÇK (Ushtria Çlirimtare e Kosovës) bomber jackets, polo t-shirts & much more. All these products symbolize & represent "PEACE"

Now why wear SHQIPEZ? Our main focus is to strengthen our bonds with our Albanian brothers and sisters, having a vision together and pass our beautiful tradition further to our children. We know how big of an impact clothing can have on people, so we became a bit creative and took the decision of mixing history and modern street-wear together to make the perfect cocktail known as SHQIPEZ now.

Now imagine, how cool it would be to meet each other on the streets wearing a piece of Albanian history and greet each other because we are a team and a family.

If we all stand together, we can make this brilliant project a way of life, a way of being and something to be proud of that we are part of a community!

Famous artists with Albanian roots have said "YES"!


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