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Why Wear Shqipez?

May 16, 2017


You have maybe seen it or heard of us before, out in real life or just on social platforms, but most likely on the social media as Facebook & Instagram, and that is the new clothing brand SHQIPEZ we are going to talk about also known as ShqipezStore.


Many people now days are very conscious about clothing, what is go or no go to wear.

Wearing a specific clothing can easily describe/judge who you are as a person and who/what you trying to be as person.

Clothes you wear can have downturns but also upturns, choosing the right clothes can help you connect with the right people, join a community you never had be thinking of & building up your self-esteem while being proud of yourse




SHQIPEZ is an online clothing store est. 2016 with a clear vision to connect people all over the world, and letting them know they should be proud of who they are/as they are. while being together & care for each other, we will be a lot more stronger, because then we are a Team no one can break. 



Meaning of "Shqipez"

The meaning/origin of the word "Shqipez" is from the albanian word "shqipe".

Albanians had & still have the tradition to call after someone they don't know their name of yet, by saying "shqipe", with that you are already identifying him with a (nice greeting) and letting him know you are in a some way (related to each other), the meaning of the word can also be "sorry for not knowing your name yet"


Why Wear Shqipez?

Wearing Shqipez gives you the opportunity to meet the coolest people in your team, and walking proud with your clothing from Shqipez & getting recognized as the one being sincere and loyal person that nobody can ever get you to be weak. 

Your Team is behind you!


You're not alone, famous artists has joined the Team also!


       GENT                                                Gold AG                                         Getinjo


  Baby G